Taylor Lynn


Ever since I can remember I have loved to sing around the house. Whether the tune be from one of my favorite musicals like Rent, Legally Blonde, Little Shop of Horrors or High School Musical, I have the natural gift of learning the lyrics the first time I listen to a song and the godgiven talent to always sing on key and pitch. For this reason, I was in choir all throughout elementary school and performed in every musical, play and talent show representing my class. Friends encouraged me to perform on stage and initially I was frightened when I was young. The thought of a crowd concentrating on each and every note and potentially criticizing my talent worried me. 

Thankfully my parents supported me and surpassed my fear when I auditioned for the fourth grade talent show and the entire room stood with booming applause after my performance. I heard parents mumble, “this girl is going somewhere” and “she will be a star one day, you’ll see.” Imagine my surprise when I swept the title of “most talented” at this event. Instantly I loved being on stage and singing solos. After the show I was contacted by an organization called God’s Country Kids and started performing around the metroplex at charity and social and promotional events. From there I was asked to be a part of a bigger group of soloists called MPowered. 

This afforded me some great opportunities to sing at well known community events like Grapefest, Southlake Art in the Square, the Dallas Mayor’s Back to School event, the Texas State Fair, the Texas Rangers and more. Every year I competed in Orlando, Florida at Disney World, the Disney Performing Arts organization awarded us best in show. With every performance young girls would ask me for my autograph and audience members would request my personal social media platforms. I am often asked to sing the national anthem at sporting events, benefits and The Texas Tea Party in particular. 

Being a competitive gymnast has helped me to become disciplined and focused and has made me realize singing is my passion. To become a better singer I need to approach my talents with the same determination and commitment. As a result, I have signed with Pearce Entertainment Services to further my career as a professional artist. I truly believe this is my calling in life and an obligation I have to myself and my fans.